Astral projection sex

Astral projection sex

The same thing can also often happen to the initiator's passive or unwary sexual partner as well, when another projector is involved. Just end it, and find a playmate in real life to satisfy you. It is also pretty limitless. These entities can come to you against your will and essentially rape you. In case you want to go further, inside higher states of astral sex consciousness, make a consultation with your astral partner and do it together.

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Astral projection sex

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  1. In order to look at your silver cord, you will have to look at your physical body. Also, if you have no physical sex partner, astral sex may satisfy your needs and keep you balanced.

  2. According to many authors, it is best when your astral lover is your personal guide, guardian or teaching spirit.

  3. Astral sex is a human-nature complication of consciousness and bio energetic manifestations. Actually, it is quite possible your astral sexual partner to encourage you to have physical relationships.

  4. With great love, tenderness and respect you can overlay your energy onto theirs and cast loving sexual thoughts their way. You may have not met this individual in this world, but because of your inherent spiritual connection you may be able to find each other on the astral plane.

  5. Each projector contributes to the intensity of the real time sex act, albeit often unwittingly. Just learn how to lucid dream and, when the situation presents itself, you can snap your fingers and engage in sexual activity with whoever you want.

  6. Astral sex, as it is called, is an experience with another spiritual being while you are astral traveling. Just learn how to lucid dream and, when the situation presents itself, you can snap your fingers and engage in sexual activity with whoever you want.

  7. More than likely you will wake up while in the throes of your orgasm and find your body actually having one. Well, as in real life, it can be anybody with whom you share attraction and deep desire to exchange sexual energy.

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