Best and easiest sex positions

Best and easiest sex positions

This is a good position for conception because it allows for better penetration and tilts the pelvis in an upward fashion, conducive for the passage of sperm into the cervix. Here is a position that offers an exciting angle. You can see the natural progression of the T-bar position in a photograph 2 the numbered photos are lower down the page. This sexual position tends to work best when the pelvises of the two people involved are aligned, so the man may need to stand in a comfortable position, perhaps using something to stand on for extra height, and it's best for her when her back is flat on the bed all the way from bum to head. This helps the woman to be comfortable and satisfied.

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Top 10 Sexual Positions

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Best and easiest sex positions

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  1. As both man and woman are level, they have the added advantage that gravity is on their side and the sperm can more easily enter the cervix.

  2. Remember, though, that the more variation you have in your sex life, the more satisfied you'll be! How to Foreplay Like a Pro ] 5.

  3. They study was done using an MRI scanner to see what happens when a man and woman are having sex.

  4. An added advantage is both of you being able to kiss and touch as well. Then, because the man's feet are firmly planted on the floor he can stand up straight, though he may have to have his legs wide apart or his knees bent to allow his penis to enter the vagina.

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