Different words for sexy

Different words for sexy

We're doing this album, and I'm getting weird-- saying to me-self, 'I've gotta leave this band. Pity they've done it. I mean, it's just a bit of poetry. Paul must have done about a dozen. I was leaving the Maharishi with a bad taste.

Different words for sexy

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Sexy English Vocabulary Words - Learn English + American Culture

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  1. I've only seen somebody do something with a needle once, and I don't like to see it at all.

  2. The Beatles were getting real tense with each other. He wanted to do echo riffs after the vocal phrases, which I didn't think was appropriate.

  3. I think Paul wanted to write a song like 'Happy Birthday Baby,' the old fifties hit. If she'd been in the West, they would have put her away

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