Dirty sex text messages for him

Dirty sex text messages for him

I think we should practice of making a baby. Will you help me to take my bikini off? Five, six, don't give me tricks. Did you like it? Make him go crazy for you by sending him some sexy text messages.

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Dirty sex text messages for him

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  1. Can I make your best meal and feed it to you tonight? When you mix it up, your man will never know what to expect, which is perfect for keeping the spark alive in your relationship.

  2. I am gonna make you feel my curves like never before you are never gonna get tired of touching them over and over again.

  3. I wish you were here, next to me. If it's clear that this is what the dirty texting is building towards, then you can suggest that the person should come over, and then be more explicit if you have to.

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