Does sex feel good for a guy

Does sex feel good for a guy

The mind translates this information and releases chemicals, while suppressing others. Intimacy is a closeness, connection, a bonding or a sense of love, that is shared between two people. The mind is also connected to pleasure. This may have just primed you for further sex. It may appear illicid or improper.

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5 Things Men Are Biologically Programmed To Look For In Women!

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Does sex feel good for a guy

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  1. Sex can bring together men and women as friends. Because it is an outlet, those emotions may be concentrated.

  2. In some men, this may mean feeling like more of a man. They will expect to experience or at least be capable of multiple orgasms.

  3. Because of social conditioning, men may also feel a sense of protection during intimacy. Ejaculation triggers 2, nerves at the base of the penis and 4, nerves at the head of the penis, as well as about 2, in the base of the scrotum, because the testies will recess into body during ejaculation.

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