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He had light blue eyes and above small plucked eyebrows that had been finished off neatly by some beautician who probably charged him twenty pounds. He walked over to me, looked down at me and said, "Hi, sweetie, welcome to the name of the store can I help you with anything? His bookie and his most important client, a gay man and president of a private BDSM club, discover Bill's dilemma and take advantage. Craig isn't sure if he's ready for it, but then again he loves to please Hal. They were his constant companion.

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  1. Then I went out to the living room and sank to my knees in front of the door, waiting patiently.

  2. I giggled trying to ease her fear. There's something otherworldly about him, but even when this man -- or rather thing -- transforms Stephen into a woman with just a touch, Stephen still doesn't know half of what's about to happen.

  3. How bout you show me how much you worship me bitch. Of course I was there for hours being the cock-sucking whore I wanted to be.

  4. The other two men then insisted on the same treatment. Many of his other memories are fuzzy.

  5. Special shout out to story reader, tigger2 and coybum88 for contacting me through email.

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