Good sex lines to say to a guy

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Good sex lines to say to a guy

When they return and his friend goes to the loo, I swoop and ask if I can borrow his lighter. Click below to download the free Date-Talk Cheat Pack that includes some amazing openers for you to use: If you want more hookups, download this cheat-sheet! I think you are absolutely gorgeous. Fuck me, fuck me!

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Men Talk About the Sexiest Thing Women Say in Bed

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Good sex lines to say to a guy

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  1. Nagging, criticism and complaining are ugly qualities that will bring the mood of the conversation down. I thought I should give you notice that I noticed you noticing me.

  2. Some guys are kind of intimidated by intelligent women, so they prefer girls with the giggles.

  3. Um…um…Gosh, I totally forgot what I was going to say! But the numbers fail to capture the variation within the sexual histories.

  4. Hey there hot stuff. You can send these any way you like Facebook, text, email, Snapchat, etc.

  5. Are you as good as all the girls say you are? He was a lot more mature about the conversation than I was.

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