Hosting a sex party

Hosting a sex party

Ordering the Products Decide with your friends how you want the ordering process to take place. If you have a TV or projector, find some sexy visuals to get people in the mood. After the hostess is done with her speal about the sex toys she brought, guests will have the chance to order their own. Ask around for a reputable company or google local consultants in your area. Pick up some red light bulbs. Blowjob confessions of a good girl!

Hosting a sex party

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Host an Adult Sex Toy Party

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  1. OkCupid and similar sites are now supposedly offering polyamorous and kinky options. They used to call it "Pierre" and made jokes about how she was going to leave him for it.

  2. We have had to politely ask people to leave parties when they were too drunk. Even if you previously granted consent, if you lose the ability to revoke that consent, from that moment on, there is no consent.

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