How to give her the best sex

How to give her the best sex

In old books, you may well see this spelt as 'cunnilinctus'. By starting slow and switching up the intensity from high to low, and low to high, you create sexual tension, which eventually spills over in the form of orgasm s. It's normal for most women to be so stuck in their head about to-do lists, what's for dinner, what's going on in their friendships and everything else, so being able to truly be in the moment is a toughie. You can use it during intercourse as an added stimulation to her G-spot and clitoris, or with oral sex. It would keep partners coming back for more. With the tips of your fingers pointing downwards to create ample room for your mouth 2.

How to give her the best sex

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  1. Award-winning erotic journalist and sexpert Alix Fox says: As I said earlier, this is one of our four fundamental wishes, so take note!

  2. For me, going down on a woman I love often feels like sitting down to a steak dinner after 40 days in the desert. Where does that leave you?

  3. Your partner may not have mentioned this to you, but women typically are not ready for intercourse after just one arm caress and a breast grope.

  4. You may experience increase in vaginal discharge three to four days before the ovulation period.

  5. If you want a woman to stick around, stay loyal, and stay satisfied… You have to give her the sex she really wants.

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