Red deer sex dating

Red deer sex dating

Experimental shifting from harem defence to territoriality in rutting red deer. Body mass and winter mortality in red deer calves: Virtually all populations of large herbivorous mammals in the temperate and sub-arctic zones are exposed to human manipulation through harvesting and poaching. Journal of Wildlife Management By , the Gaetz family owned vast land holdings along the south bank of the Red Deer River around the mouth of the Waskasoo Creek. However, British traders translated the name as "Red Deer River", since they mistakenly thought elk were European red deer.

Red deer sex dating

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  1. On the north block 12 km2 of Rum, a small island in the Inner Hebrides in Scotland, positive density-dependent dispersal rates were reported for male red deer Clutton-Brock et al. Crossref , Google Scholar Olea, L.

  2. Figure 1 The relationship between conception date Julian date and a gestation length days , b birth weight and c offspring weight on 11 June for reindeer in Kaamanen, Finland.

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