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Georgeanne is heartbroken with no real home to go to, no job, and not much education, but she finds that she has the courage and strength to pull it all together. Fast, funny, realistic and full of chemistry. When John meets Georgeanne, they spend one incredible night together and Georgeanne has given her heart to John. There are so many better ways to convey scenes like that. Rachel Gibson - The collection of romance novels Publisher:

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  1. The plot I won't elaborate on itI'll let the experts do that takes themes especially from SEP-sexpot female surprisingly inherits sports team from elderly man-here husband not father.

  2. She writes a "Single Girl in the City" column and she also secretly writes a steamy serial for a men's magazine.

  3. The guys are less than enthusiastic about having her travel with the team and, boys being boys, you can imagine the hazing she has to endure! And now he has become responsible for a 16 year old sister he barely knows.

  4. The characters are well-drawn, the action moves along fast enough, and the suspense element works.

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