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If it passes to one side, side error exists. Navigators hold the sextant by its handle in the right hand, avoiding touching the arc with the fingers. Collimation error This is when the telescope or monocular is not parallel to the plane of the sextant. With these, the navigator pre-computed his sight and then noted the difference in observed versus predicted height of the body to determine his position. If they separate there is collimation error. The necessity for the doubled scale reading follows by consideration of the relations of the fixed ray between the mirrors , the object ray from the sighted object and the direction of the normal perpendicular to the index mirror.

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  2. However, unlike the backstaff, the sextant allows direct observations of stars. Bring the two stars into coincidence either to the left or the right of the field of view.

  3. Most of what is said about these specific sextants applies equally to other types of sextants. However, the relative position of the two images will remain steady, and as long as the user can determine when the celestial object touches the horizon the accuracy of the measurement will remain high compared to the magnitude of the movement.

  4. The handle is separated from the arc and frame so that body heat does not warp the frame. In large part, this is because precision flat mirrors have grown less expensive to manufacture and to silver.

  5. Brass is lower-expansion than aluminium, but aluminium sextants are lighter and less tiring to use. Sexton Ford has an incredible selection of used cars in Moline.

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