Sexual bucket list ideas

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Sexual bucket list ideas

Pledge not to have sex for a week. The best part… sex is free and you can do it literally as often as you two want! As you move through these categories from hot to smoldering, the ideas get juicier and juicier. So many steamy nights to come!!! Using whipped cream Use real dairy whipped cream and you will end up smelling like rank cow farts come morning.

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The Sex Bucket List

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Sexual bucket list ideas

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  1. Indulge your man with a scalp massage They hardly ever get them and can have intense reactions of pleasure and relaxation. Don't have a Facebook Account?

  2. But are bucket lists really enough for all the adventures you want to experience in your lifetime?

  3. Attend Oktoberfest in Germany. Both ideas are great, but making them separately allows you to really be open about things you want to try.

  4. The Office Nooner Many men spend a large portion of their lives at work, and most of the time they should be working, they are actually thinking about sex.

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