Sexy good night text for him

Sexy good night text for him

You are the reason why I have sleepless nights. Approximately 90 minutes after falling asleep you hit REM. Our love is like a Polaroid camera — its vintage, trendy, sexy and cool all combined into something so timeless. Even if you have already told him that a thousand times, it will not do any harm to tell him these words again and again. When I say good night to you, I feel hurt and sore — because it makes me miss you all the more.

Sexy good night text for him

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  1. But just like flirting done face-to-face, flirt done through text messages takes finesse as well. I love wishing you good night because it makes my night good.

  2. Get your little finger ready and watch him wrap around it quickly as you send a few of these along the way.

  3. Do the two of you have a mutual interest, such as a television show, book series, or hobby? In a new relationship, an old one or a very new one, if you get a short text does it mean the interest is mediocre, the person is losing interest, they are tired, bored with texting?

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