Spice up boring sex life

Spice up boring sex life

Just as emotional connections are related to sex, the opposite is true! Surprise your partner into a sexual high now and then. If you're ready to do the same, here are 6 ways you and your spouse can spice things up: Bring in new excitement into your bed. Meet each other in a restaurant and seduce each other like two lusty lovers. Make a video together while having sex.

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Spice up your Sex Life, tips and TRICKS

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Spice up boring sex life

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  1. Aphrodisiacal food can make lovemaking more romantic, and a few drinks can make both of you drunk and horny. The more you flirt with each other, build sexual tension, and take a playful, fun-loving approach to your sex life, the easier it will be to want to whisk each other away into the bedroom.

  2. A couple of times a week. Use full length mirrors alongside your bed to heighten your sexual experience.

  3. Take matters into your own hands, and be the initiator! If your marriage has cooled off and you'd like to heat it up, take steps to get the ball rolling.

  4. Enjoy the bliss of romance and work on keeping the passion boiling with new and sexy things to try together.

  5. Avoid having sex now and then, and save it for days when you go clubbing or indulge in something exciting. Plan this right and it can be a huge turn on.

  6. How to sound sexy in bed ] 26 Sexual setting. Tips to take a good looking naked photo ] 19 Watch porn.

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