What makes sex boring

What makes sex boring

You have no special times outside of your relationship. Here's the Rosetta Stone for understanding sexual desire-or the lack thereof. You have to be able to be both connected and separate, separate enough to surrender to your own pleasure without worrying too much about the other's. You may not want an affair, but all of a sudden your relationship could seem lifeless. I won't go into detail about the healthier strategies that people can employ to deal with sexual boredom, because it would take too long and distract from the point I'm trying to make. Sex is not a metaphor for a relationship, it's a parallel narrative.

What makes sex boring

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Are you bored with your sex life? Here's how to make it better!

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  1. We are conditioned to believe that guys love sex, regardless of the circumstances, which is, honestly, not a great way to think. An affair is MUCH worse.

  2. This is a scary place to be, and you can never get over it unless you learn to deal with it.

  3. Desire is more selfish. How you become aroused by spoiling her This way, your pleasure-filled sex life is NOT just dependent on what she gives you, but also on what you can give her and on what you enjoy giving to her.

  4. The fact is that it's all psychological and entirely understandable if you accept the premise that sex begins in the mind and travels downward, not vice versa. The very conditions of intimacy are a potential cold shower for the libido Yeah, yeah, I know that this varies greatly, that some couples have much better sex for a time precisely because they learn more about each other's needs and preferences.

  5. Let's get back to 3 ways to improve your boring sex life. How well partners are matched sexually relies on a various factors and those can change constantly for no real reason.

  6. Planning your whole life together is the perfect way to prepare yourselves and the relationship for the future.

  7. Relationships and the people in them are always evolving and even very long-term ones can change too much to sustain.

  8. How well partners are matched sexually relies on a various factors and those can change constantly for no real reason.

  9. Whether it's a trip to that art exhibit you've both wanted to check out or a weekend getaway, plan something that the two of you can do together that will inject a little spice into your life. Great sex is not for the timid.

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